Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday afternoon treat..MILF FEET!!

Something about Target....Always get great footage there. So I went to target a little while back to get a birthday gift for a friend of mine. As I was leaving I see this gorgeous tanned milf with a very fresh french tip pedicure come walking in the door with her cute daughter. There's a tanning, and nail salon right next to this Target. I''m guessing she came straight from the salon.... based on her tan, and seemingly fresh pedicure. I was kind of in a hurry, and almost just left, but couldn't let this one go!!

So I decide to go back in, and find this sexy milf. I'm walking  up, and down all the aisles pretending like I'm not looking for anyone lol....Then finally I find her in the cereal section. Hah who woulda thunk! So I walk up behind her, and she flashed a very inviting, warm smile towards me, and my heart flutters as I think 2 myself open season :D She definitely knew what I was up 2, and gave me a nice little show I will never forget....And the following footage occurs.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I dream of "Red Toes"

I'm at work on my 30 minute break, and bored as can be....So I decide to run over to Target, and browse around a bit. Maybe something will catch my eye. I walk in the door, and proceed down the first aisle when this gorgeous blonde about 5'10, tan skin, long legs, tight sexy booty shorts, and of course Goddess like Red Toes, and slightly wrinkly, but yet soft soles walks down the aisle, and I think to myself hah....How's that for catch my eye!!....

Now it's time to capture these epic "Red Toes" While they browse around with no idea the pleasure they bring....And the following footage occurs.

A random summer day

This vid is one of my favorites! Was a warm summer day a couple months back, and a friend of mine stopped by 2 say hi....So I couldn't help, but notice the fresh pedicure she was rockin. She was wearing cute white flip flops, just got coming from the nail salon, and this girl knows about my foot fetish. I think she came over just to tease haha. So then she says hey can I use your computer, and my mind starts wondering hmmmm....ok use my computer most likely means you kick off the cute flip flops, and tantalize me with your freshly pedicured soles, and toes ;) Of course I said yeah, you can use my computer :D

 Okay now she's in my room, doing exactly what I thought.... Browsing my computer, and being very playful with her feet. Begging for me 2 capture her beauty, so naturally I couldn't resist, and the following footage occurs!  :))

                                ENJOY!  ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Intro to FeetGuru's blog

First, and foremost I'm an amateur artist, and aspiring film-maker. I decided to create this blog to mainly share my passion, and footage I have gathered throughout the years of female feet. So here's a quick little background  on my main basis of beautiful female feet!!

Ever since I was a little tike, I had a keen interest in female feet in It's purist form....My main interests are barefoot, flip flops, sexy sandals, anklets, toe-rings,pedicure. Well I'm sure you get my drift for the most part ;) Also highly intrigued by candid footage, Which I have quite the archive!  Something about a girl minding her own business wearing her favorite cute black old navy flip-flops, and having no idea the pleasure she brings as I capture her pretty feet prancing around unknowingly lol ;) I love when they figure out what your up 2, and put on a nice little footshow.

I also love working with models, and friends creating beautiful foot model/scenario vids....Make sure, and leave comments.... any tips, and idea's for models will always be welcome!  :)) I encourage any questions, and requests within reason.

I will be doing updates on model, and candid footage, along with background, and stories to all vids, and posts weekly , or more if time permits.

Make sure, and check out my youtube channel and follow me on twitter!/mistadoc


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