Friday, December 16, 2011

A random summer day

This vid is one of my favorites! Was a warm summer day a couple months back, and a friend of mine stopped by 2 say hi....So I couldn't help, but notice the fresh pedicure she was rockin. She was wearing cute white flip flops, just got coming from the nail salon, and this girl knows about my foot fetish. I think she came over just to tease haha. So then she says hey can I use your computer, and my mind starts wondering hmmmm....ok use my computer most likely means you kick off the cute flip flops, and tantalize me with your freshly pedicured soles, and toes ;) Of course I said yeah, you can use my computer :D

 Okay now she's in my room, doing exactly what I thought.... Browsing my computer, and being very playful with her feet. Begging for me 2 capture her beauty, so naturally I couldn't resist, and the following footage occurs!  :))

                                ENJOY!  ;)

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