Thursday, December 15, 2011

Intro to FeetGuru's blog

First, and foremost I'm an amateur artist, and aspiring film-maker. I decided to create this blog to mainly share my passion, and footage I have gathered throughout the years of female feet. So here's a quick little background  on my main basis of beautiful female feet!!

Ever since I was a little tike, I had a keen interest in female feet in It's purist form....My main interests are barefoot, flip flops, sexy sandals, anklets, toe-rings,pedicure. Well I'm sure you get my drift for the most part ;) Also highly intrigued by candid footage, Which I have quite the archive!  Something about a girl minding her own business wearing her favorite cute black old navy flip-flops, and having no idea the pleasure she brings as I capture her pretty feet prancing around unknowingly lol ;) I love when they figure out what your up 2, and put on a nice little footshow.

I also love working with models, and friends creating beautiful foot model/scenario vids....Make sure, and leave comments.... any tips, and idea's for models will always be welcome!  :)) I encourage any questions, and requests within reason.

I will be doing updates on model, and candid footage, along with background, and stories to all vids, and posts weekly , or more if time permits.

Make sure, and check out my youtube channel and follow me on twitter!/mistadoc

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